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It's a bit cumbersome, because Reference USA only allows you to download 50 records at a time so you will need to do the following process @ 18 times and then cut and paste the various downloads together into one document.

Get your list of results and select each business you want to download. (Hint, you can select a whole page worth of businesses (25 of them) by clicking the checkbox on the blue bar next to the words "Company name".  You can do 2 pages per download).

Once you have selected your 50 records click on the "download" button. You can then select your file format (Excel, comma delimited, etc.) and your level of detail (summary, detailed or custom), then click the "download" button at the bottom of that screen.  It will then create a spreadsheet with 50 items.

When you go back to your list of 880 items you will need to DESELECT the records on the previous download (again you can do that by clicking the checkbox on the blue baar next to the words "Company name"). Then move on to the next page of records you had not yet downloaded and select the next set of 50 records.

Once you have your records downloaded, you can cut and paste from each of the (16-18) files into a single spreadsheet.